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Index 02, AW 2023

Published by BOYY
Edition of 450 copies

Via Bigli installation: FOS
Art direction & Design: OK-RM
Photography: Esther Theaker
Printing: Robstolk

Index 02, AW 2023

Index is a creative gesture that supports its founders, Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman in their endeavor to propel BOYY ever onwards. The brand’s remarkable success, however, brought with it the potential threat of formulaic structures emerging as the company expanded its global recognition. To guard against this, the creative ecology that formed in recent years, catalyzed by collaborations with Danish artist FOS and London-based design studio OK-RM, has upset the rigidity that had by degrees taken hold. The cross-pollination of forward and sometimes unorthodox ideas, has given rise to a powerful ripple effect that has disrupted the status quo and ignited a new wave of creativity throughout all aspects of BOYY’s creative engine.

Index represents a reinvigoration of the brand’s challenger mindset, the beating heart that has fuelled the brand’s success since its inception. Risk-taking and gut decisions have always been important aspects of its creative approach, and Index encapsulates these energies and seeks to elicit inspiration from the moment as it unfolds. Looking well ahead, Index 01 was launched in September 2022, when the collection offered a fresh interpretation of some of the brand’s most iconic items while embracing entirely new categories and expressions.

February 2023 sees the release of the Index 02 collection – an exploration into our immediate industrialized surroundings, where BOYY examines the notion of luxury by elevating everyday objects that often go unnoticed, inviting us to consider the inherent value in the ordinary.